Review: Ye’kuana Basketry Symbology Book Website

Portal to a Parallel World
By Charles Brewer-Carías

Cosmic Polymath in Australia writes a review of Ye’kuana Basketry Symbology Book:

A new book by Venezuelan Encyclopaedist and polymath Charles Brewer-Carias, called “Ye’kuana Basketry Symbology: Portal to a Parallel World” is the latest publication in a long list of beautifully illustrated books by the author, showcasing his vast knowledge of the cultural, botanical and biological riches of his native Venezuela. The primary focus of this outstanding book is a deep and thorough investigation into the culture and cosmogony of the Ye’kuana indigenous people displayed through the craftsmanship of their woven basketry.

Following last year’s exhibition ‘Convergences / Divergences’ the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection published a book with Venezuelan anthropologist and explorer, Charles Brewer-Carías, to document the heritage of the Ye‘Kwana, an indigenous tribe in the Venezuelan Amazon, whose artifacts were displayed as central art pieces in the exhibition.