Exhibition Catalogue “Convergences / Divergences”

This catalogue was published in the occasion of the exhibition Convergences / Divergences at the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection, Miami FL, November 29, 2018 – May 4, 2019

Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection Founding President
Juan Carlos Maldonado

Ariel Jiménez

Managing Director
Andres Michelena

Assistant Manager
Andrea Moratinos

Francisco Arévalo

Exhibition Coordinator
Ariel Jiménez, Andres Michelena, Francisco Arévalo

Installation of Works
Luis La Rosa

Mariano Costa Peuser, Charles Brewer-Carías, Fanny Brewer

Addison Woolsey, Francisco Arévalo

Design and Layout
Andrea Moratinos

Copyright © 2018 Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection

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