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Articles about Convergences / Divergences

C& America Latina “Two Modernities Speaking Through Lines” Link to Article Art Dependence “Breaking the Myth of Artistic Evolution” Link to Article  

Exhibition Catalogue “Convergences / Divergences”

This catalogue was published in the occasion of the exhibition Convergences / Divergences at the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection, Miami FL, November 29, 2018 – May 4, 2019 Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection Founding President Juan Carlos Maldonado Curator Ariel Jiménez Managing Director Andres Michelena Assistant Manager Andrea Moratinos Advisor Francisco Arévalo Exhibition Coordinator… Read more »

Convergences / Divergences Opening Week

We are thrilled to announce that JCMAC opened its doors to hundreds of visitors during the opening weeks of Convergences / Divergences: Primitive Sources of the Modern curated by Ariel Jimenez. We were pleased and humbled to receive such astounding public reception. JCMAC invites you to enjoy open access to a fantastic selection of modern artwork and… Read more »

Upcoming Exhibition: Convergences / Divergences

The Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection of modern and contemporary art acquires the most comprehensive to date set of indigenous Ye’Kwana pieces, collected through decades of arduous work and research by the Venezuelan anthropologist Charles Brewer-Carías since the 1960’s. From the beginning, Juan Carlos Maldonado connected spontaneously with the geometry reflected in the Ye’kwana pieces… Read more »

JCMAC July & Aug Calendar

  RSVP Visita Guiada July 14  RSVP Kenneth Noland July 19  RSVP Guided Visit Aug 11 RSVP GEGO Aug 16

JCMAC in ArtNexus March-May

Art Collection Juan Carlos Maldonado By FRANCINE BIRBRAGHER-ROZENCWAIG PhD in Latin American History and Masters in Art History. Writer and independent curator. “The Miami Design District has established itself as a center for the visual arts through the presence of the Institute of Contemporary Art, the De la Cruz Collection, the Craig Robins Art Collection… Read more »

“Constructing Constructivism” Catalogue

This catalogue was published in the occasion of the exhibitionConstructing Constructivism at Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection Miami 1 December 2017 – 15 October, 2018 Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection Founding President Juan Carlos Maldonado Curator M Carlota Perez-Appelbaum Managing Director Andres Michelena Assistant Andrea Moratinos Installation Luis La Rosa Photography Mariano Costa Peuser Alexander Calder: courtesy… Read more »

Join us for the opening of CONSTRUCTING CONSTRUCTIVISM!

Friday Dec.1, 2017 11AM-6PM – Feel free to come at your convenience! JCMAC initiates a new cycle in its exhibition program at its Miami Design District center with Constructing Constructivism. Curated by JM Carlota Perez-Appelbaum, JCMAC curator, the new selection from JCMAC’s outstanding collection explores the role of geometric abstraction in the mid-twentieth century within an extensive international context…. Read more »

JCMAC Contributes to Hélio Oiticica’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum

The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York is presenting a major retrospective on the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980). It is the first show in the United States to survey Oiticica’s entire career and also one of the very few devoted to a foreign artist at the Whitney, an institution focused on the promotion of… Read more »