Month: November 2017


A self-taught artist, Graham entered the art world by founding a New York gallery, where he exhibited the works of Minimalists such as Carl Andre and Donald Judd. Inspired by the work of his gallery artists he became a performance, installation and video artist, a sculptor and photographer. His work in the genre of Conceptual… Read more »

NOLAND Kenneth

While studying art at Black Mountain College, North Carolina, Noland was exposed to the work of the European De Stijl movement and, from Josef Albers, he absorbed the art theories propounded before WWII at the Bauhaus in Germany. Allied with a number of American painters who were engaged in developing a visual vocabulary appropriate to… Read more »

DILLER Burgoyne

After his initial studies at the Art Student’s League in New York, Diller was employed by the Works Progress Administration in the depression and then served in the Navy in WWII. His career as an artist in the post-war period was based on a keen interest in the De Stijl movement, the art theories of… Read more »