Month: November 2017

ZOX Larry

Zox studied under German Modern artist George Grosz at the Des Moines Art Center. His early works followed the then-radical direction of Abstract Expressionism. After moving to New York, in 1958, he began to work in collage, using roughly torn pieces of paper stapled to board. Toward the end of the 1960s, however, he had… Read more »

SMITH Leon Polk

One of the often-overlooked giants of geometric abstract painting in America, Smith was strongly influenced by the paintings of Piet Mondrian and the aesthetics of De Stijl. He brought a refined sensibility to Hard-Edge Minimalism while maintaining a strict adherence to the formal and rational in his art. The lasting influence of the art of… Read more »


After emigrating in 1958 to New York, Kuwayama abandoned the traditional form of Japanese painting he had studied at the Tokyo National University and opted to experiment in Color Field painting. After his first solo show at the Green Gallery, he chose to obscure the artist’s hand in painting, something that was anathema to the… Read more »